Warkworth Subdivision Goals 2022

Better Transport for All

We have some of the poorest quality roads in Auckland that were never built for the increasing population, type and numbers of traffic travelling them, and which are the number one cause of complaint for Rodney residents. Together with the support of our Councillor, we’ll advocate strongly for improved roads and maintenance standards.

For Warkworth’s rapidly growing population, we need to grow our transport options so that people have choices. That means providing more frequent, flexible, and reliable Public Transport, supporting the development of marine transport, parking to access these, and off road cycling, walking, and horse riding networks.

Budget items
  • Investigate and trial new bus/shuttle services using smaller vehicles, improved connections, and dynamic frequencies in line with demand, with the aim to provide a more efficient and well-utilised public transport service.
  • Make roads through busy villages safer by using the Local Board Transport Capital Fund for road safety improvements such as speed monitoring signs, pedestrian crossings, and additional road markings.
  • Improve pedestrian safety and options by completing footpaths on the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate programme, particularly where they finish incomplete circuits and are outside schools.
  • Offer recreational, visitor and commuting options by supporting the completion of walking and cycling connections from Snells Beach to Warkworth, the Showgrounds to the Cement Works, the Kowhai Park walkway linking the Community Transport Hub to residential streets, and the Matakana Village loop track from Jubilee Park to the Wharf.

Non-budget / Advocacy

  • Retain the Baxter Street car park and bring it under local board control.
  • Pursue upgrade of the Hill Street intersection and opening of the Matakana Link Road, as soon as possible.
  • Continue to work with the Supporting Growth Alliance on future transport networks for Warkworth to ensure they meet the needs of our growing community and promote economic prosperity. These include the future Sandspit Link Road, Western Connector, out Western Link Road, future permanent Park & Ride facilities, and a southern interchange on the new motorway.
  • Advocate to Auckland Transport to start planning ferry services based around the Mahurangi River, and building the infrastructure required to support marine transport options.
  • Work with the school bus network providers to request new routes as school populations change, creating safety improvements and time savings for buses and parents alike.
  • Ensure horse riders are catered to in the development of trail networks.

Preparing for Growth

We will work to ensure community facilities and services meet the needs of our communities and keep up with the rapid population growth in the district. We believe contributions from local developments must flow back into Rodney’s infrastructure.

Budget items
  • Support the Bike & Skate Park development at the Showgrounds and upgrade existing skate parks at Snells Beach and Leigh.
  • Implement outcomes identified in the Warkworth Centre Plan.
  • Create community plans for participation and ownership of parks and reserves by supporting volunteers to do the planting, track building and community-funded developments.
  • Develop community facilities in Matakana and enable the local community to build and enhance the recreational use of Jubilee Park.
  • Fund local clubs, teams, and organisations to provide engaging activities for our children.
  • Provide seasonal increases in sanitation and toilet facilities to our main tourist destinations.
  • Work with Northern Arena for community access to their pool.

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Support a multisport facility that’s fit for the future by progressing the development of the Warkworth Showgrounds in partnership with the Mahurangi Community Sports & Recreation Collective.
  • Advocate for development contributions to be directed locally providing core services to locals.

Protecting Our Environment

We have strong rural and urban communities who all want to see our native bushland and waterways protected and improved for future generations.

Improving water quality in our harbours and waterways will protect our local environment and support our marine and shellfish industries.

Budget items
  • Continue to support Restore Rodney East with coordination funding until they can become self-sustaining.
  • Encourage and support community initiatives for environmental sustainability.
  • Support preservation of the Warkworth Cement Works and surrounding natural environment.
  • Clean up water quality in our streams and harbours by supporting environmental and community groups such as Awa Matakana and Whangateau Harbourcare, with riparian fencing and planting and water quality monitoring.

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Ensure our boat owners are supported by Council and the Harbourmaster, in keeping their boats free of invasive pests, by supporting existing haul-out facilities and ensuring cost-effective and accessible services can be provided.
  • Advocate for and support effective monitoring and enforcement of regulations.
  • Advocate for retention of the Warkworth Weir while also seeking solutions to whitebait species conservation.
  • Ensure Eke Panuku controls weeds and implements a planting plan for the Ti Point Forest.
  • Ensure Regional funds such as the Natural Environment Targeted Rate, Climate Action Targeted Rate, and Water Quality Targeted Rate, deliver benefits to Rodney.

Growing Our Local Economy

Businesses need our support. They need public spaces in our town centres to be attractive and multifunctional, to have accessible parking, cater to a range of transport options, as well as representation which understands business needs.

We’ll continue to develop town centre plans, and fund improvements that draw residents and visitors in to stop, shop, and socialise.

Budget items
  • Complete the Warkworth Centre Plan.
  • Create town centre improvements that take advantage of Warkworth’s natural river feature and promote a buzzing retail and hospitality precinct.

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Support partnerships between government agencies, businesses, iwi, and communities to find smarter ways of working together.
  • Support our local business to thrive and provide employment and training opportunities.
  • We will work with Auckland Transport to improve accessibility for elderly pedestrians and mobility impaired. Review and improve the number and location of mobility parking spaces and taxi stands in our towns and villages.

Working with our Community 

Involve the community in planning for the future.
Guide and connect communities with the council to advance local projects.
Support partnerships between government agencies, businesses, iwi, and communities to find smarter ways to work together.

Budget items
  • Create community participation and ownership of parks and reserves by supporting volunteers to do the planting, track building, and maintenance.

Non-budget / Advocacy 
  • Protect and promote heritage sites in Warkworth through supporting applications for regional grants.