Better Roads & Public Transport

Transport is the number one issue for Rodney residents. Whether it is a lack of road sealing, footpaths, or increasing traffic jams and lack of high quality public transport, (or any public transport at all), as Rodney grows so too does our transport infrastructure need to grow with it.

Improved transport services whether increased road sealing and footpath budgets, rail to Huapai, busways and bus services to Warkworth or Helensville, we aim to ensure transport issues are given high priority next term.

Key Objectives

  • Lobby NZTA for improvements on SH1 in the East and SH16 in the West
  • Improved public transport including park’n’rides, bus and rail services throughout Rodney
  • Provide safe pedestrian, cycle and equestrian links within and between residential areas
  • Increase the rate of road sealing within Rodney.

Specific Areas of Focus 2016 – 2019 Long Term Plan Budget Rounds

  • The opportunity to mount an argument for increased funding is the next Long Term Plan (LTP) budget round starts in 2017
  • The Local Board must be well prepared to present a coherent and rational, rather than emotive, argument for increased funding for transport infrastructure
  • The increased residential growth in Kumeu, Huapai, Riverhead and Warkworth present the best opportunity to frame our funding argument. 

Rodney First will be focusing on ensuring the following areas are prioritised in the next Long Term Plan:

  • Park’n’Rides for Kumeu and Warkworth
  • Significantly improved bus services for all areas
  • Rail service to Huapai
  • Bus lanes on SH16 from Brighams Creek to Huapai*
  • Increased funding for footpaths and greenways (which includes cycle and equestrian)
  • Increased funding for road sealing from $10 million to $20 million over the budget period. 

Rodney First will also be prioritizing advocacy to government and council on the following:

  • Immediate commencement of Hill Street improvements
  • Early designation of the Matakana Link Road
  • A new roundabout intersection at Coatesville Riverhead Highway and SH16
  • Four lanes from Brighams Creek to Huapai
  • Safety improvements including more passing lanes on SH16
  • Quicker consideration of speed limit reductions in Rodney around schools and other high risk areas. 

*this involves lobbying NZTA for the provision but Auckland Transport plays a part in the planning of bus lanes.

Our Policy Document can be downloaded below. If you have suggestions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us.
Phelan Pirrie,
13 Jul 2016, 22:12