Planning for Growth & Economic Development 

Rodney faces unprecedented growth.

Rodney is facing unprecedented growth as vast amounts of Future Urban land is released as a result of the Unitary Plan. It is predicted that around 100,000 new homes could be built in Rodney in the next 20 years.

While it is anticipated that much of this land release will occur after 2022 the work starts now to ensure infrastructure budgets are in place as development occurs.

The Local Board needs to focused on meeting that challenge and ensuring community planning and infrastructure is developed in a timely manner.

This growth also means the Board will need to concentrate more on core business as the demand on its funding increases.

Council has an obligation to complete Structure Plans three years before green field developments are started, this is to allow enough time for budgets to be identified for key infrastructure.

The Board has a critical role to play in planning both in the creation of plans that feed into Structure Plans such as Greenways and Centre Plans, but also in a advocacy role during public engagement.  The other important role of the Board is to clearly communicate the planning process to the community and safeguard their role in the processes around plan development.

Our main towns either have development plans sitting gathering dust or have new plans underway to accommodate growth.  Rodney First is committed to seeing funding of these plan implemented so they can start to have a positive impact on economic growth and to make our towns pleasant place to work and live in. 

We will support the development on a Centre Plan for Warkworth, the completion of the Centre Plan currently underway for Kumeu. These plans offer communities an important way of being involved in local place shaping and play a vital role in Structure Planning of new Future Urban areas because they help define the look and feel of a township and the environment.  Centre Plans also are vital for the Local Board in helping prioritise town centre improvement projects.

We will be looking to put funding for Centre Plan projects into the 2017 Local Board Plan and the Long Term Plan budget.  In addition we will also identify some key projects from the Helensville Design Plan to implement in the next Local Board and Long Term Plan.

Rodney First is committed to cost effective implementation of Town Centre improvements and will look to work with the community, community groups and Business Improvement Districts to help get some quick wins. There is a recognition that well designed, accessible and pleasant town and not only desirable for residents but also assist with economic development.  

Our economic development goals will primarily focus on improving town centres, our secondary goals include the establishment of Business Improvement Districts in business communities that clearly demonstrate a desire to establish these. We will also look at some targeted assistance for economic development projects through a contestable grants round for local initiatives that align with the 2016 Local Board Economic Development Strategy.

Rodney has received negligible funding from the Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development agency (ATEED). No regional events are funded and we would like to see at least one, if not two large regional events established that could be funded by ATEED.

Key Objectives

  • Ensure than planning is done in time to meet budget cycles so funding is in place for key infrastructure of new developments.
  • Recognise that residential growth brings community benefits of improvements to facilities, infrastructure and transport outcomes if planned appropriately.
  • Start funding implementation of existing and new centre plans in Kumeu, Helensville and Warkworth.
  • Maximise the Boards advocacy role on behalf of the community to ensure Council and CCO’s (Council Controlled Organisations) are planning and acting in the best long term interests of the community.
  • Safeguard the principals of community-led planning in all aspects of Council planning for our future.
  • Assist communities develop plans that they feel best meet their future needs.

Specific Areas of Focus 2016 – 2019

  • Ensuring planning has a high level of community engagement.
  • Creation of Structure Plans for Future Urban Areas in Kumeu/Huapai in the 2017-2018 financial year and Warkworth in the 2018-2019 financial year*.
  • Completion of Centre Plans for Kumeu and Warkworth.
  • Lobbying council agencies such as Panuku Development Auckland and ATEED for funding and logistical assistance in town centre redevelopment and economic development work.
  • High Priority projects from the Kumeu and Warkworth Centre Plans are identified and made part of the Local Board Plan in 2017 and funded through the next Long Term Plan.
  • Work with the business and wider community in Helensville to identify high priority parts of the Helensville Design Plan, have these included in the 2017 Local Board Plan and funded in the next Long Term Plan.
  •  Work with the community, community groups and business improvement districts on finding quick and cost effectives ways of implementing town centre improvements, and if required funding this through direct grants.