Improving the Environment

Key Objectives

  • Improve the quality of our main harbours and waterways
  • Create a grants program that assists in the improvement of waterways
  • Encourage community based solutions to environmental degradation
  • Work with the farming industry to make improvement to water quality.

Specific Areas of Focus 2016 – 2019

The Local Board’s current grant policy goes a small way towards helping groups who wish to improve our harbours and waterways but much more could be done.

Rodney First proposes to focus on waterway and riparian improvements by setting up a larger grant fund. We would seek to work with industry groups and businesses to put together a $500,000 annual grants fund to assist businesses and groups wishing to undertake activities that improve the catchment and waterways that feed into our harbours. 

Rodney First will work to achieve the following:
  • Provide $200,000 per annum to a new environmental grants fund
  • Approach agricultural businesses and related institutions to provide additional funding into the grants fund with the aim of creating a $500,000 annual fund by 2018
  • Provide assistance for groups and businesses in the form of departmental support from within Council
  • Undertake annual survey work to monitor the progress of work being done. 

Rodney First will also be prioritizing advocacy to government, council, business and other agencies to achieve:
  • A million dollar environmental fund by 2020
  • An excellent working relationship with the agricultural industry
  • A high quality service and level of assistance for community groups.

More information on our policy can be downloaded below, if you have questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

Phelan Pirrie,
13 Jul 2016, 22:23