These are our goals for the 2016 Election...

How did we do over the last three years?

Better Roads & Public Transport

  • PARTIALLY ACHIEVED. Improved public transport including park’n’rides, bus and rail services throughout Rodney.
    • With the introduction of the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate we brought forward, by decades, investment in new bus services and park'n rides across Rodney.
    • Rail services are unfortunately beyond the funding ability of the Local Board. Trains to Huapai will cost $18 million in set-up costs and $5.5 million a year in operating costs. Some of these costs must, as with other similar transport projects, be met by central Government. Central Government is currently investigating Light Rail to Kumeu. We will continue to actively lobby for a mass transit solution for our area, whether it is Trains to Huapai, Light Rail, Busways, or a mixture of all three.
  • ACHIEVED. Provide safe pedestrian, cycle and equestrian links within and between residential areas.

  • ACHIEVED. Increase the rate of road sealing within Rodney. 
    • Last year an unprecedented $121 million was allocated to road sealing over the next 10 years.
    • This is the most money ever spent on sealing our gravel roads.
    • This was made possible by the tireless lobbying of the Local Board, Councillor and the Regional Fuel Tax.
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Connecting our Communities

Achieved All Goals.
  • Development of township mini Greenways Plans.
  • Ensuring Greenways and Footpaths are funded in the next Long Term Plan.
    • We have continued to use all of our Local Board Capital Transport Fund for footpath construction.
    • We have successfully lobbied to had additional footpaths constructed from Auckland Transport budget.
    • The Rodney Transport Targeted Rate will see millions of dollars invested in our footpaths over the next ten years.
  • Ensuring the Local Board has an overarching Greenways and Footpath strategy.
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Planning for Growth

Achieved All Goals.
  • Completion and Implementation of Centre Plans for Kumeu and Warkworth.
  • Improved community engagement in the development of plans.
    • We have ensured all locally based planning has involved the community over the last three years.
  • Ensuring Rodney gets its fair share of Growth Funding (also known as Development Contributions).
    • The $22 million Huapai Indoor Courts facility is underway, this is funded by development contributions.
    • There is $37 million being invested in transport infrastructure upgrades in Huapai and Kumeu partially funded by development contributions.
    • We have a number of parks and playground funded and more coming.
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Protecting the Environment

Achieved All Goals.
  • Improvement the quality of our main harbours and waterways.
  • Create a grants program that assists in the improvement of waterways.
  • Encourage community based solutions to environmental degradation.
  • Work with the farming industry to make improvement to water quality.
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Working with the Community

  • Leveraging of Local Board and Council budgets
  • Community empowerment and ownership
  • Ability to create new assets without waiting for a ratepayer handout 
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