Q: Why aren't you all standing as independents?

A: There are groups of like minded candidates standing together across Auckland. We think this has worked very well for some areas - for example Auckland's other rural Board has a strong group who have been successful in working together for the community's benefit. 

Previously the Board was made up of independents.  Often this meant there was no cooperation and we think this is a bad thing for Rodney. 

We think giving a clear set of policies and agreeing to stick to these as a group, plus seeking out high quality candidates with excellent skills, offers a great choice for Rodney voters.

Q: Are you aligned to any political party?

A: No.

Q: Will you be endorsing a Mayoral or Councillor candidate?

A: No, we need to be prepared to work with whoever is elected as Councillor and Mayor to ensure the best outcomes for Rodney, so we are not going to endorse any particular candidate.

Q: How can I be sure candidates will stick to your policies?

A: Candidates worked together on developing our policy platform to ensure everyone was in agreement with our proposals. In addition everyone signed a candidate's support agreement and while this is simply an legally enforceable agreement it does show that we are all in agreement with our overall direction. Outside this agreement members are free to exercise their own decisions on issues.

Phelan Pirrie,
19 Oct 2017, 11:39