How Beth would get Results for Rodney…

Better Transport for All
  • Work with the mayor and majority of councillors using statistical evidence to gain support for increased budgets for maintenance, renewals, and sealing of roads.
  • A share of the Climate Action Targeted Rate to fund new PT infrastructure for growth.
  • Broker a solution that balances our most basic infrastructure needs with the rest of Auckland.
  • Champion innovative technologies and funding mechanisms.

Infrastructure for a Growing Community

  • Demonstrate growth is faster than Council’s predictions with Private Plan Changes and Medium Density Residential Standards coming into force, through factual data based on known applications being worked through local developers and planners.
  • Ensure investment into future transport links is brought forward.
  • Improve Development Contribution policy for fast turnaround for roads, utilities, and community facilities.
  • Attend all meetings and committees so no opportunity is missed to get infrastructure funded in council budgets.

Protecting our Environment

  • A share of the Natural Environment Targeted Rate and Water Quality Rate relative to the vast areas of native bush and waterways that Rodney has as a percentage of Auckland
  • Leverage existing Local Board investment into supporting the environmental restoration.
  • Highlight Rodney has the Kaipara, a large portion of the Hauraki Gulf and harbours leading to it, and the largest number of Regional Parks.
  • Point out that our undeveloped greenfield areas are a target for further landfills and other regional industries like airports.
  • Investment into protecting our environment is a priority for all of Auckland, not just Rodney.