This Election, Beth Houlbrooke Offers Rodney Voters a Choice

Our current councillor has held the role for six years, and was returned uncontested in 2019, but has little to show in the way of successes in all that time. Rodney voters are now looking for results. You deserve a contest of ideas and a new approach. It’s time for a change, we believe Beth Houlbrooke is that positive change.

Rodney needs a Councillor who is prepared to work constructively with other councillors to achieve priority gains for our area. That means working on key relationships, attending and contributing to as close to 100% of all meetings, workshops and committees as possible, and building trust and confidence with one’s colleagues. The art of compromise will be an essential tool at times in order to get the results that Rodney so badly needs.

We need a working relationship between the local board and our councillor. Beth is able to build the relationship that will lead to a vastly improved outcome for Rodney. Our current councillor has veered off in another, self-serving, direction, causing tensions and dysfunction between him and the board. This has led to a confusing message being sent to the mayor and other councillors about what our priorities should be and what they need to support. By working constructively with the local board instead of voting against its advice, we will present a united front to the Governing Body. Local boards are after all far more in touch with the daily needs of local residents.

A vote for Beth Houlbrooke is a vote for proven leadership, achievements and results.