Better Community Facilities

Key Objectives

  • Community led management of facilities
  • Partnering with the community to fund, build and manage facilities
  • Ensuring facilities meet population growth
  • Plan for future growth so planning can be completed in time to procure budgets
  • Clearly identify projects that qualify for Growth Funds (development contributions)


Rodney is facing unprecedented growth and this means some of our facilities will come under considerable pressure over the next 10–15 years.

Because Council’s planning cycles are long, and multiple layers of reports are needed before funding can be applied for, it is vital that the Local Board plan ahead and look 10-15 years out to ensure all planning is completed in time to allow budgets to be put in place for facilities.

There are many community groups keen to partner with Council to develop existing or new facilities and we should ensure they get the support needed to development a good relationship with Council staff and the capacity to work through the layers of planning required to complete a project.

Working with the community will ensure facilities best meet the needs of our community and they feel a sense of ownership of them. We should be facilitators, ensuring groups have plenty of technical and managerial support through the process.

Targeted rates play an important part in the development of facilities and the Board should consider a mix of funding methods to develop community facilities. The process required to strike a Targeted Rate to fund a facility usefully informs the community of the benefits of a project, and also allows the Board to determine the level of public support for funding facilities.

PPP’s (Public-Private Partnerships), should be considered where appropriate.  This may mean a mix of direct capital funding, targeted rates, private enterprise (business) funding, and community funding to build and manage a facility.

Specific Areas of Focus 2016 – 2019

    • Work with the Mahurangi Sport Collection to complete the Warkworth Showground Project.
    • Formally partner with the community groups wishing to establish a Multi Sports facility in Huapai, identify a suitable site and funding methods for the facility.
    • Identify a PPP partner for a pool in Warkworth and explore Targeted Rates and direct funding as a method to fund completion of the facility.
    • Work with the community to ensure our halls are locally managed and that hall committee’s are suitably assisted and resourced.
    • Work to create a list of community playgrounds, skate, scooter and bike parks for Rodney that can be prioritised, planned and funded, working with the community to identify the most suitable facilities and areas for prioritisation.
    • Work with ratepayers and community associations on assisting and funding projects identified in local community ‘Vision Plans’ in areas like Kaukapakapa, Puhoi, Leigh, Riverhead etc and assisting communities who wish to develop these plans through grants.

    ·         Grants for community facilities from playgrounds to buildings are paid directly to well organised and resourced community organisations can avoid the significant costs of Council project management fees and health and safety costs.

    • Continue to develop the Arts and Community Education facilities in Kumeu, Helensville and Warkworth with annual operational grants and capital funding for expansion.
    • Ensure the Board prioritise developing facilities that meet the requirements to attract Growth Funding (Development Contributions).