We've been busy delivering on what we said we'd do last election (and the election before).

Here's a list of what the Local Board has achieved for the community over the last three years.  You can find more details on Auckland Council's website by clicking here.
  • 3 new bus services. via the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate - now being fully funded by Auckland Transport.
  • 10.5 km of new footpaths. New footpaths across our rural towns and villages providing safer options for pedestrians.
  • Warkworth Community Transport Hub. A brand new park and ride for a fast-growing Warkworth.
  • Committed funding and planning for Huapai Transport Hub. A park and ride for residents in the areas around Huapai, this will give more options for commuters and help get traffic off the roads. Expected delivery 2023.
  • New pedestrian crossings and speed monitoring signs across Rodney.
  • $1.5 million into riparian fencing and planting, match funded to result in over $2M of restoration work (over the term of the RHHWF)
  • Volunteer support for planting in parks.
  • Pest Free initiatives – Restore Rodney East, West, and Coatesville
  • Forestry Ambassador programme
  • New toilets Wellsford and Omaha
  • Improved compliance monitoring. Our Compliance Wardens have been busy improving education around compliance and dealing with long-running issues.
  • New skateparks and playgrounds across Rodney.
  • Town centre improvements in Warkworth, Helensville, and Huapai
  • Sports facility upgrades
  • Planning for parks. We're making sure our parks meet the needs of a fast-growing community and attract the maximum amount of development contributions.