Rodney First 2022 Campaign

Strategic Objectives for 2022-2025

The Rodney Local Board is a strong voice for the area, and where necessary we will work with other agencies and government to tackle the problems and challenges that face the area that fall within our jurisdiction.

Each year the board has direct control of the $20 million dollars which is allocated to our local parks, public spaces and community facilities. A further $1-2 million a year is allocated for area transport and safer roads , and $4.8 million a year which is committed to the Rodney Local Board Transport Targeted Rate projects which provide new public transport services, park'n'rides and footpaths to the Rodney district .

Regional decisions about larger budgets such as road sealing, maintenance, and investment in major infrastructure are either made by ' the Auckland Council, Councillors, or central government. In these areas we will work closely with Councillors or MP's and lobby both them and government agencies to increase spending or bring a project forward.

Over the last three years we are pleased to say we met most of our 2016 goals. Some of our new goals are refinements of the gains made over the last three years and we want to build on our successes and double down on those that need more work on.

There will always be more to do.

Every part of Auckland is struggling under unprecedented population growth, 30% in six years, unsurprisingly every Council Ward in the city is demanding "our rates are spent locally".

As a large (45% of Auckland's land mass) Ward with a relatively small population (can we add the population % in here instead as a good comparison to land mass), approximately 64,000 compared to 130,000 in Waitemata Ward, the local board needs to be smart and fact-based about our funding demands. Our growing population is the biggest lever we have. We need to work on establishing the genuine need for funding so that we get more investment in Rodney District. .

Rodney has been punching above its weight in regards to funding over the last three years with significantly more funding flowing into water and transport infrastructure than Rodney contributes in annual rates.

Our Strategic Objectives have been developed based on the community feedback we have received over the last few years and around the growth and changes we know are coming over the next decade.

Safer & Better Roads

  • Increase the rate of road sealing within Rodney by making money go further.
  • Seek solutions to improving the standards of road maintenance.
  • Provide safe pedestrian, cycle, and equestrian links across Rodney.

Preparing for Growth

  • Lobby NZTA for improvements on our State Highways (SH1 & SH16).
  • Ensure Rodney gets its fair share of regional spending.
  • Make town centres, parks, and facilities fit for the future.


Connecting Communities

  • Improve access to public transport for better connectivity throughout Rodney.
  • Lobby Central Government and Transport Agencies for an efficient public transport solution for the North West.
  • Encourage and support the growth of a recreational trail network.


Protecting the Environment

  • Improve the quality of our harbours and waterways.
  • Encourage community initiatives for environmental sustainability.
  • Advocate for and support effective monitoring and enforcement of regulations.


Working with our Community

  • Involve the community in planning for the future.
  • Guide and connect communities with council to advance local projects.
  • Support partnerships between government agencies, business, iwi, and communities to find smarter ways working together.