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Kumeu Subdivision Goals 2022

Better Transport for All
With the dry summers and wet winters, our unsealed roads are taking a hammering. Advocate for reinstatement of the unsealed road maintenance budget which has not been changed for over ten years.

Advocate for proactive monitoring of our rural roading network through AI technology trackers on buses and AT vehicles. Potholes can be reported close to real-time and the data can be used to assess roading with underlying structural problems so that potholes are identified and fixed.

Roading Budget items
  • Improve pedestrian safety and options by constructing footpaths, particularly where they finish incomplete circuits and are outside schools,.
  • Completing Rodney Transport Targeted Rate footpaths in Kaukapakapa, Helensville, Riverhead, Muriwai and Dairy Flat. Construct off-street car parks in Coatesville funded by Rodney Transport targeted rate.
  • Make roads through busy villages safer for non-vehicle users (walkers, cyclists, horse riders) by funding from the Community Safety Fund, road safety improvements to Helensville, Kaukapakapa, Parakai, Waimauku, and Coatesville such as driver feedback signs, safer road crossings, and additional road markings.

Roading Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Support the Councillor to establish the $121m road sealing budget to improve more roads through the implementation of road surface improvements and rehabilitation techniques
  • Advocate to NZTA for road safety improvements such and median barriers and other measures to be implemented from Waimauku to Helensville.
  • Advocate to NZTA for improvements in the maintenance of berms and traffic islands on SH16
  • Advocate to NZTA for double lanes from Access Road to Taupaki Road roundabout to deal with traffic congestion.

Climate Change

In June of 2019 Auckland Council declared a Climate Change emergency. Funding has been allocated to reduce carbon emissions. The impact of climate change for Rodney needs to be addressed through funding being allocated for a community emergency resilience plan and mitigation of flood hazards. Ensure frequent bus service for Milldale to be delivered in 2022, and advocate for increased frequency of 986 Dairy Flat bus service to be funded out of climate change targeted rate.

Budget Items
  • Improve access to public transport for better connectivity throughout Rodney.
  • Lobby Central Government and Transport Agencies for an efficient public transport solution for the North West.
  • Encourage and support the growth of a recreational trail network.
  • Investigate improvements to the public transport network in Dairy Flat, Coatesville, Huapai, Helensville.
  • Complete the design of and build a Park & Ride in Huapai.

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Work towards a solution for traffic congestion by continuing to advocate to NZTA and central government for a mass public transport solution for the North West, whether it is Heavy or Light Rail, or a Bus Way on SH16
  • Ensure horse riders are catered to in the development of trail networks.

Protecting the Environment

Improve the quality of our harbours and waterways.
Encourage community initiatives for environmental sustainability
Advocate for and support effective monitoring and enforcement of regulations.

Budget items
  • Improve biodiversity by funding pest management plans so community groups can access the Natural Environment Targeted Rate
  • Support improved water quality in our streams and the Kaipara Harbour
  • Support the Kaipara Moana Restoration Programme
  • Support Pest Free groups across Rodney to deliver on Pest Free 2050

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Investigate opportunities to work with Iwi, Government and other agencies to improve the Kaipara Harbour.
  • Make Zero Waste a condition of all events supported by the local board via grants or permissions on our parks.
  • Continue to promote healthy waterways across Rodney through monitoring water quality of streams with strategic plans for improving sediment loads. We also need to ensure that the loophole in the Auckland Unitary Plan that allows for large unconsented clean fills is reviewed in the 2022-23 financial year.

Preparing for Growth
  • Lobby NZTA for improvements on our State Highways (SH1 & SH16) and the Hill Street Intersection.
  • Ensure Rodney gets its fair share of regional spending.
  • Make town centres, parks, and facilities fit for the future.
  • Working with our Community
  • Involve the community in planning for the future.
  • Guide and connect communities with council to advance local projects.
  • Support partnerships between government agencies, business, iwi, and communities to find smarter ways working together.

Budget items
  • Continue to implement actions from the Kumeu Huapai Centre Plan.
  • Look for ways to establish the Huapai Indoor Courts Facility privately
  • Provide a Public Toilet in Waimauku.
  • Investigate and find budget for a replacement skate facility and pump track at the Huapai Domain.
  • Complete the Helensville and Warkworth Town Centre improvements plans.
  • Complete safety improvements for our rural villages.\
  • Create community participation and ownership of parks and reserves by supporting volunteers to do planting, track building and maintenance including trails identified in the Green Road master plan..
  • Support community recycling initiatives through the Helensville Community Recycling Centre

Non-budget / Advocacy
  • Investigate a Volunteer Parks Ranger program for our larger parks such as Muriwai to allow better engagement and education of visitors.
  • Hold Rodney Local Board meetings in Huapai and Warkworth allowing locals to attend meetings\
  • Advocate for sensible growth in line with infrastructure implementation.