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2019 Dairy Flat Subdivision Goals

Safer & Better Roads

  • Increase the rate of road sealing within Rodney by making money go further.
  • Seek solutions to improving the standards of road maintenance.
  • Provide safe pedestrian, cycle, and equestrian links across Rodney.
Budget items
  • Fund Dairy Flat Primary school roadside safety improvements
  • Covering drains along Coatesville Riverhead Highway outside of the Hall and installing footpath and parking.


Preparing for Growth

  • Lobby NZTA for improvements on our State Highways (SH1 & SH16). 
  • Ensure Rodney gets its fair share of regional spending.
  • Make town centres, parks, and facilities fit for the future.

Budget items

  • Fund Landscape and trail network plans.
  • Fund gravel car park

Non-budget / Advocacy

  • Advocate for Green Road to be used for ecological offset mitigations.
  • Advocate for Green Road to receive growth funding (Milldale)  for trail network construction.

Connecting Communities

  • Improve access to public transport for better connectivity throughout Rodney.
  • Lobby Central Government and Transport Agencies for an efficient public transport solution for the North West.
  • Encourage and support the growth of a recreational trail network.

Budget items

  • Funding of Feasibility study for Greenway Route 9, this is the land donated to Council and goes from Coatesville up to the top of Sunnyside Road.  Construction to be funded by Community.
  • Construction of new bus stops along 126 bus route to meet demand.

Non-budget / Advocacy

  • Advocate for more car parks at Albany and Silverdale Park n Ride to cater for Growth at Milldale.
  • Advocate for increasing the bus service on Dairy Flat Highway to include weekends.


Protecting the Environment

  • Improve the quality of our harbours and waterways.
  • Encourage community initiatives for environmental sustainability.
  • Advocate for and support effective monitoring and enforcement of regulations.

Budget items

  • Improve biodiversity by funding pest management plans so community groups can access the Natural Environment Targeted Rate.
  • Clean up water quality in our streams and harbours by continuing to fully fund the Healthy Harbours Fund dollar matching riparian fencing and planting on private land.

Non-budget / Advocacy

  • Make Zero Waste a condition of all events supported by the local board via grants or permissions on our parks.



Working with our Community

  • Involve the community in planning for the future.
  • Guide and connect communities with council to advance local projects.
  • Support partnerships between government agencies, business, iwi, and communities to find smarter ways working together.


Budget items

  • Create community participation and ownership of parks and reserves by supporting volunteers to do planting, track building and maintenance.